The purpose of Mile High Weimaraner Rescue is to find loving, permanent homes for unwanted or abandoned purebred Weimaraners, by preparing prospective families for responsible dog ownership through education and support and by helping companions through training and behavior modification.

Mile High Weimaraner Rescue in Denver, ColoradoMile High Weimaraner Rescue is located in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area and is run by, supported by and exists, thanks to a tireless group of dedicated volunteers.  Because we are a volunteer based organization we do not have a central location, all of our dogs are housed in foster homes or in partner boarding facilities. The great thing about fostering is that all of our fostered dogs are known intimately by all of our volunteers so you can be sure the dog you fall in love with will fit you, your family and your situation.

What is Rescue?

Rescue is a common term in the purebred canine world for taking an unwanted dog and placing it in a family home that wants the dog. The new term that is coming about is "re-homing." Since the number one reason for people surrendering or relinquishing their Weims in Colorado is not enough time, re-homing sounds more appropriate. 

Sometimes though, the word "rescue" still applies. There are occasions where a Weim is in a shelter and may be euthanized because of lack of space at the shelter or the shelter not being able to find the right home for the dog. 

MHWR is dedicated to helping Weims in the wrong homes or wrong situations to find different homes where they can be loved and exercised appropriately.

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If this is an emergency please call  720-418-8665, leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible.


Event Calendar

We are SO thankful for the 9News Petline9 segments and for 9News allowing us to showcase our Weims in need of forever homes! Follow the links below to see their segments with our awesome volunteers!

Tork - May 2018

Hugo - April 2018

Sandy - February 2018 (with Brooke)

Cassidy -  January 2018 (with Brooke)

Buttercup -  August 2017 (with Brooke)

Tyron - March 2016 (with Kel)

Margo - March 2016 (with Brooke)

Tucker - February 2016 (story)

Tyra & Zoey - December 2015 (with Mary and Shelly)

Bella - December 2015 (with Brooke)

Tucker - October 2015 (with Brooke)

Tommy - October 2015 (with Michelle)

Meeko & Momo - January 2015 (story)

Weim & Cheese

Saturday, October 26th, 2019

The Vista at Applewood Golf Course

14001 W 32nd Ave, Golden

Tickets available here

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Emergency Help

Emergency Help

Hans and Pierre had to undergo emergency surgery and need extra financial help.

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All About Weims

Here is an article written by one of our volunteers for A Sheltered Life Magazine. It has everything you wanted to know about the breed!

Weim Article

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