Without your continued support, we could not continue helping to rehome Weims in need, help owners through education and training, or host events for our Weim friends. All donations, no matter how big or small, cash or items for donation are always welcome and very much appreciated. Mile High Weimaraner Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt, tax-deductible organization. Our group is operated by volunteers dedicated to the welfare of the Weimaraner breed. Weimaraners needing new homes are checked by a Veterinarian, spayed or neutered, updated on vaccines, tested for heartworms, and microchipped.

We do not have a facility available to house the dogs that need to be rehomed. Dogs are typically kept in their own home, in a foster home or in a boarding facility until they can be rehomed. Our group covers the expenses for the care the dogs receive. If you are willing to donate "in kind" donations Email to Donate Food or Supplies to help our rescue Weims, we would really appreciate it!

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In Loving Memory of Brutus
Kathy Powell-Florip

Goliath's Vet Care
Kathy Powell-Florip
Carolyn Beavers/Rainbow Hearts
Geri Virtue
Karen Lippincott
Quinn Nichols
Andrew Robinson
Carl Kummer
Veronica Messerli

Tandy's Vet Care/Heartworm Treatment
Jamie Bischoff
John Stump
Carl Kumme

Winchester- Consult and Potential Surgery
Anthony DiTirro
Douglas Gillespie Veronica Messerli
Kathy Powell-Florip
Marisa Castagnoli
Sarah Carlson
Jon Florey
Greg McGee
Rick Stelzer
Lisa Shafer
Nikki Mensch
Janet & Robert Knisely
Laurie Curlander
Emily Schroeder
Dennis and Doris McKnight
Karra Lay
Hubertus van Leeuwen
Claudia Curran
George Terpenning
Cindy Lau
Michael Crow
Nancy Bensik
​Marisa Castagnoli

Special Needs Dogs
Greg and Kristin Elson
Maggie Dusenbery
Kathy Powell-Florip

Adam's Senior Needs
Nissa & Peter Walke
Angelica Walter

Frisco Eye Surgery
Nancy Jones
Fran Hein
Lisa Shafer
Mary Johnston
Kathy Powell-Florip
Carl Kummer
Nancy Bensik
Michael Crow

Sis and SweetPea Thunder Shirts
Susan Quinn
Mike Walter
Dori Batten

Boarding Expenses
Ryan Bretz
Miriam Halazon
Kathy Powell-Florip
​Ingrid Hinshaw

Grace, Zoe, and Brandy Senior Needs
Shane Sitter
Christy Lamb
Brooke Hengst

Ella, Lola, and Blue's Vet Care
Weim Angel Hoss (via the Huber Family)

Donation to General Funds For MHWR
Pam Baca
Malaika Thompson
Nancy Bensik
Kathy Powell-Florip
Christopher Onan
Donna Nuce
Sara Ovalle
Karen Babcock
Allen Grainer and weimies: Pablo, Nelly & Mardy Pickles
Katherine Panicucci
Dori Batten
Kristin Gerela
​Corrinne Northway
Dell Talbot
Heather Snead

Donation for Weim and Cheese and volunteers of MHWR
Joan Powers

Donation on behalf and for the volunteers of MHWR
Kristine Webster

A Lemonade Stand Success for General Expenses!
Jacob Webster, Friends, & Family- Jacob and his friends held a lemonade stand during the weekend. With Jacob's Weim, Rocky, in mind, he donated his proceeds to the Weim Rescue!
"Woof, woof"- A thank you from our needy weims back to you, Jacob!

Weim Love Project:
Sean Thompson - Just made a donation-to help feed a couple of weims-My friend Kela Baker was instrumental in my decision to do this. Kudos for all your good work!
Gary Venable
Castor & Pollux
Steven Brauer
Kaneen Christensen
Kathy Powell-Florip

Wedding Donation:
Nicole Campagnolo & James Bucci (in lieu of wedding favors, the happy couple made a donation to MHWR!)

From Ryan & Amber Bretz: In memory of Halo Fallen Angel Bretz. We miss you Baby Girl!

From Sharon Kruk : In memory of Brutus. Donation made on behalf of Kathy Powell-Florip.

From Jamie Feliu for "Bradley" - beloved weimaraner of the Mullin family

In Loving Memory of Ferguson "Gus" Erasmus
Thank you for sponsoring HW Preventative!

Richard Gilmartin
Thank you for sponsoring Rescue ID Tags:
Rick Stelzer

Heartworm Preventative
Carayl Hawkins

Lucy Heartworm Treatment
Heidi McCready